AT-72 Application

Elevate your ATR flying proficiency with our specialized application meticulously crafted to enhance your understanding of systems procedures and limitations. Unleash a wealth of knowledge with over 300 purposefully designed questions spanning diverse systems, each referenced to the Flight Crew Operational Manual (FCOM). Designed with pilots in mind, this app is your key to mastering the intricacies of the ATR aircraft and excelling in your Type Rating Qualification (TQ) examination and skill test.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Question Bank: Immerse yourself in over 300 meticulously curated questions, offering an in-depth exploration of ATR systems. These questions cover all the ATR systems, consolidating learning for both your initial type rating course and subsequent Operator/Licence Proficiency Checks (OPC/LPC).

– Memory Item Mastery: Sharpen your recall skills by practicing the ATR 72 or 42 memory items, ensuring readiness for critical scenarios during the TQ exam and your skill test.

– Offline Accessibility: Enjoy uninterrupted access to valuable knowledge, even without internet connectivity. Perfect for on-the-go studying or in locations with limited internet access.

 While due care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the course content, Flight and Media accept no responsibility for inaccurate content and strongly recommend that this is used only as a supplement to your ATO manuals.

Embark on a journey to excellence—download the app now on the App Store and prepare to ace your Type Rating technical exam or skill test!