Elevate your Airbus piloting expertise with our cutting-edge application designed to enhance your understanding of systems procedures and limitations. Unveiling a wealth of knowledge, this app features over 600 meticulously crafted questions spanning various systems, each meticulously referenced to the Flight Crew Operational Manual (FCOM). Whether you’re preparing for a type rating exam or aiming to deepen your knowledge, this application is your go-to resource.

Key Highlights:

Extensive Question Database: Immerse yourself in over 600 thoughtfully curated questions, offering a comprehensive exploration of Airbus systems.

  1. FCTM Focus: Sharpen your skills with 100 questions dedicated to the Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM), ensuring a thorough understanding of critical procedures.

  2. FTCM Summary: Access a succinct yet informative summary of the Flight Crew Operational Manual, providing a quick reference for essential guidelines.

  3. Limitations Clarified: Gain clarity on aircraft limitations through a specialized section, offering insights into crucial operational boundaries.

  4. Memory Items Reinforcement: Hone your recall skills with a dedicated section focusing on memory items, facilitating quick and accurate responses during critical moments.

  5. Abbreviations Demystified: Navigate the aviation lexicon effortlessly with an in-depth exploration of commonly used abbreviations in Airbus documentation.

  6. Offline Accessibility: Enjoy uninterrupted access to valuable knowledge, even without internet connectivity. Perfect for studying on the go or in remote locations.

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